Fresh Manna from Heaven

Jeremiah 33:3

Gods calling card# Jer:333

This word came to me when my wife and I took the family up to the mountains for Labor Day . As I rose up early in the morning to begin breakfast, I first took the time to sit and be still and fellowship with the Father. As I did  Jeremiah 33:3 was ringing loud in my spirit. The Lord said call to me and I will show you mighty things to come. Just as you plan for your childrens future here on earth, I have planned and mapped out each stage of your life.

Seek me says the Lord and I will show you the way . For I am the way the truth and your life. Love Jesus.  This really inspired me to keep my total trust and confidence in my Savior. I will not look at my circumstances and let them direct my path.  I will look  to Jesus who has already cleared the path so that I now can freely follow my course with power and victory!

Say yes 2 Jesus today!

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