Faith Speaks!!

Why Speak Faith?  By: Dr. Bill Bailey

Words have power! In the natural world they can hurt or heal one’s feelings and attitudes. However, in the spiritual world they are containers of power that can change your life, direct your future, and allow you to get your life in line with God’s Will! Words can carry God’s Power to literally heal your body, bring financial blessing to your circumstances, and bring the promises of God’s Word into this natural realm to bless you and your family!

Believe It!

Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin once said, “Faith begins where the will of God is known.” You must know the Word of God in order to believe what the Word says. The Word of God contains the power within itself to cause what it says to come to pass. If you believe God’s Word, and use it as God intended for you to use it, then the Word will begin to work in your life. You must act on the Word. Faith is an act! The best way to act on the Word is to speak it!

Confess It!

Speaking the Word is called “Confession.” There is a saying, “Confession brings possession.” In order for the Power of God to cause something that God has promised to be manifested in this natural realm, you must speak, or confess, His Word and agree with God! Then God will back up His promise by bringing it to pass in this natural realm! You must speak the Word!

Receive It!

“Confession brings possession.” This means that what you desire and confess comes from the spiritual into the physical realm. A spiritual truth takes on physical form in this world. God is a Spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit, and in Truth! (John 4:24) The spiritual realm is higher than the natural realm. God created all matter, and He can change it as well!

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