Feburary is Marriage Enrichment Month

Expect Great Change

In your

Relationships This year


Wow it is hard to believe that another year has passed since our last Marriage Seminar. I am getting excited about what the Lord will reveal to us this year. He is always faithful to keep his promises. So if anyone has ever let you down before, in a relationship. Be encouraged that Jesus never will!

As a Church I would like each one of us this month to read (First Corinthians Chapter 13) at least twice a week. But after you read it don’t stop there. After you are through reading it, as you continue on through the week. Stop and meditate (think about what you just read) and let the Holy Spirit reveal to you something inspiring and afresh from the Word of God.

Also Sister Tammy Robinson is going to be teaching on the subject of Love and Marriage during our Wednesday night bible studies. This would be a great opportunity if you know someone (single, married, teens, etc.) that are having problems in their relationships, too invite them to church. If they cannot make a Sunday morning, then suggest a Wednesday night.

Healthy relationships are the key to fulfilling the God given purpose that the Lord so much desires for us to experience. And the only way to develop these relationships with each other is to first build a relationship with Father God, through his Son Jesus Christ.

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